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Zachary Doerzaph

Center for Advanced Automotive Research: Center for Advanced Automotive Research

Dr. Zachary Doerzaph is the Director of the Center for Advanced Automotive Research (CAAR). Dr. Doerzaph also serves as a Consortium Leader for the Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure (CVI) University Transportation Center (UTC) at VTTI.

As Director, Dr. Doerzaph coordinates a research portfolio focused on measuring and improving the performance of next generation vehicle systems. His research projects emphasize safety as it relates to the interactions between driver, vehicle, and infrastructure. Dr. Doerzaph focuses his efforts on the design, development, and evaluation of connected vehicles, collision avoidance systems, automated driving systems, driver interfaces, and driver behavior monitoring and evaluation. Presently Dr. Doerzaph is working on projects ranging from connected vehicle testing and evaluation to large-scale naturalistic motorcycle investigations and crash avoidance algorithm development using sophisticated modeling techniques.

Dr. Doerzaph holds degrees in mechanical, industrial, and systems engineering from Virginia Tech and the University of Idaho.